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Welcome to icddr,b online Learning Management System (LMS). Because of our five-decade long experience in research, we are a leading provider of epidemic information in the developing world. We offer flagship training courses in epidemiology for trainees and students from all over the globe. They are offered priceless opportunities to become immersed in the world of medicine, epidemiology, and raw research. 

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    This course is primarily aimed at Moodle course practitioners—teachers, tutors, instructors, and learning and development professionals. The course concentrates on understanding how the features and capabilities of latest internet technology and devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs can be taken advantage of in your Moodle course design. The course does not require any prior knowledge of mobile technology or the capabilities of the latest smartphones. Indeed, by the end of the book you will realize that anyone can deliver great courses that allow their learners to interact with their courses using the mobile devices in their pockets. 

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    Long term respiratory illness such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is currently the fourth leading cause of death and accounts for 6% of all deaths in the world.  In Bangladesh, more than 6.5 million people over the age of 40 have COPD.  Living with COPD can be really hard and it also costs a lot to treat. In most patients, COPD is associated with co-morbidities and is generally under diagnosed and insufficiently managed at primary care level in Bangladesh.

    Despite having personal needs for improvement by professional training ,primary care physicians  find it difficult to to  attend such trainings leaving behind their patients awaiting to be served by the professionals in their day to day practice. Therefore, it is imperative to plan and organize training for primary care physicians keeping in mind the minimal disruption of their routine practices for their patients. One of the effective solutions is to organise both face-to-face and online methods (blended training) on COPD. 

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